JD Edwards meets the innovation curve head-on with its integration to wearable devices.  Through its layered architecture (based on a unified data model and a metadata-based technology layer) JD Edwards business applications can leverage these new capabilities.

The next generation of mobile devices is with wearables and JD Edwards customers will be able to take early advantage of this shift with the readily available extensions to the core JD Edwards applications.   Using either REST-based Application Interface Services (AIS) or Web Services (WS) via BSSV frameworks, enterprise class security (leveraged directly from the core application making it easy to administer security roles), and ability to integrate with other Oracle services and applications, makes JD Edwards a leader in bringing fruition to the new “Glance-Scan-Commit” processes.

Oracle recently released its Whitepaper, entitled “JD EDWARDS ENTERPRISEONE WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY”, April 2015 which is available through Oracle.com which elaborates on the new wave of wearable technologies and explains how the high scalability of the “JD Edwards EnterpriseOne server architecture has everything needed to interface either directly with machine sensors or with the client gateway components to process incoming data, store and analyze the information, and trigger actions in the application business processes configured for an industry and user task.”

In a recent study conducted by Business Insider, the global wearables market was estimated to grow at over 35% over the next 5 years.  This growth will drive a paradigm shift on how we interact with ERP systems and will enable the opportunity to lead to productivity improvements such as expedited decision making with the flick of the wrist or a nod of the head. “JD Edwards is the ERP Leader” and has implemented the steps to bring ERP to wearables.

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