Oracle Business Accelerators – The Secret Ingredient

Oracle Business Accelerators (OBA) are the secret ingredient to implementation success. Using OBAs aligns the software and your configuration to industry process best practices, keeps the implementation scope within the boundaries set to ensure an on-budget, on-time and quality implementation.

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Traditional implementation approaches of Oracle’s enterprise-class ERP software solutions can be too expensive and complex, especially for growing companies. Customers that wish to reduce the implementation costs (time) and complexity (effort) without degrading on functional quality or implementation success leverage partner solutions that utilize Oracle developed tools to accelerate all aspects of the implementation life-cycle.

Oracle Business Accelerators (OBA) are powerful, cloud-based implementation tools developed and maintained by Oracle to deliver fully functional ERP software to customers in a fraction of the time a typical / traditional implementation would take. OBAs offer flexible configurations so that the unique requirements of a customer can be incorporated into the application.

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