JD Edwards announces the new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Internet of Things (IoT) Orchestrator which enables the real-time collection of data transmitted by IoT devices (e.g. a machine sensor).

The IoT Orchestrator allows for analysis of the data to facilitate decision making and removes manual processes that are inefficient and costly.  There are three key components that drive the IoT Orchestrator:

  1. IoT device registration
  2. IoT rules engine, and
  3. IoT service requests, that drives data population to the JD Edwards application.

9EDGE is also announcing their “IOT EDGE™solution offering that helps organizations assess their IoT needs and facilitates implementation of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT Orchestrator to facilitate the integrations.

The IoT Orchestrator is available for use with JD Edwards releases of EnterpriseOne 9.0 and later with EnterpriseOne Tools web components

To learn more about the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT Orchestrator please visit the following link on Oracle (http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/jd-edwards-world/jde-revenue-recog-som-2620225.pdf).


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