When extending Oracle Sales and Engagement Cloud functionality, you need to consider the potential impact of what you plan to do. 9EDGE can help you with that.

Following Oracle’s Best Practices allow you to:

  • Enhance Performance
  • Reduce Configuration
  • Expedite Troubleshooting
  • Make Easier Upgrade Decisions

Points to Consider Before Implementation:

Custom Objects

  • Sales Container
  • Common Container

Custom Attributes

  • Long Text Field Types
  • Fixed Choice List Fields
  • Dynamic Choice List Fields
  • Indexed Fields
  • Formula Fields

Page Customizations

  • Saved Searches
  • Dynamic Layouts
  • Field Groups

Points to Consider During Implementation:

Parallel Development

  • Reduce Conflicts
  • Publish Sandboxes

Groovy Scripts

  • Validation Rules
  • Object Triggers
  • Object Workflows

Web Services

  • Architecture
  • Security Policies

Points to Consider After Implementation:

  • Customization Set Migration (CSM)
  • Keeping Your Environments in Sync

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