Key Sales Cloud Implementation Considerations

//Key Sales Cloud Implementation Considerations

Key Sales Cloud Implementation Considerations

The CX implementation project involve key phases.

  1. Pre-Launch
    1. This involves collecting documents from the customer and providing the customer with existing Sale Cloud process flows and implementation documents.
  2. Project Design
    1. This involves bringing together the collected customer materials and data and applying them to a project structure and Implementation workbooks.
  3. Configure
    1. This involves applying those workbooks and defined configurations to the Sales Cloud staging server.
  4. Validate
    1. This involves validating those configurations in the Sales Cloud staging server.
  5. Transition
    1. This involves moving those configurations that were tested and approved in the Sales Cloud staging server, into the Sales Cloud production server, and testing those with the End Users in Production.
  6. Realization
    1. This is the final stage and involves passing support of the Sales Cloud system over to the customer and closing out the project.


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