JD Edwards does it again with its Health & Safety Incident Management (HIMS) software. Companies take advantage of this quick implementable ERP agnostic, multi-platform software – an inexpensive hidden gem!

JD Edwards – Health and Safety Incident Tracking at its Best – The JD Edwards HIMS program allows managers to report, investigate, manage, and track health and safety incidents at the plant level.   It can automatically notify, assign and track follow-on tasks, record costs, and produce regulatory reporting such as for OSHA and BLS. It has full analytic capability through EnterpriseOne’s One View Reporting.   You can also record near misses or potential incidents, safety inspections, injuries and illnesses to employees and non-employees, security and environmental incidents, and property, equipment and motor vehicle damage.

The product can be deployed 1) within JD Edwards (EnterpriseOne 9.1 or later) and through the native integration, 2) in stand-alone mode or 3) in the cloud with JD Edwards or other ERPs.

If you are in a country that regulates that you report health and safety incidents, the software enables you to become compliant quickly through robust incident reporting.  By using HIMS you become better informed and are able to ultimately prevent incidents, by identifying trends and problems, and turning data into actionable information. Employees can also be granted access to the software so they can view the status of the safety log.

The ultimate goal is to reduce overall risk to your company and prevent human loss wherever possible.   If you’ve been tracking incidents in Excel or other non-integrated software, now may be the time to look at HIMS.  As an IT initiative this brings immense value to the business and brings credibility to the corporation by the mere fact that it demonstrates that the company is serious about employee safety sending a positive message that can also help with employee recruitment and retention.

To quickly gauge your company’s status in this area, here are a few questions to ask your safety officer:

  • How do you track health and safety incidents?
  • What metrics can you provide relating to how much time has been lost or delays that have resulted from incidents?
  • How many incidents did we have this month, year, past few years?
  • How do you generate regulatory reporting (manual report generation?) and are we current with our regulatory filings?
  • Have we received any fines or citations for failure to report?
  • How are individuals (e.g. management) notified when an incident occurs?
  • If an incident happens in the field how is it reported?
  • How much have incidents cost our company?

Consider making the small investment in HIMS software to bring quick ROI.  The implementation of HIMS is relatively short and is not a very complex process typically taking just a single knowledgeable consultant to implement the software.  It can be the quick win that may just be what is needed to lift levels of IT acceptance.

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