Tungsten Network continues to make inroads in US after forming landmark partnership with 9EDGE

August 14, 2018 - Tungsten Network, a global business transaction network, has launched a new strategic partnership with 9EDGE Inc. (9EDGE), a leading global Information Technology Services Provider and Systems Integrator. The move will see 9EDGE become a referral partner for Tungsten Network. This will enable 9EDGE’s existing customer base to have seamless access [...]


9EDGE and Club 21 – Sharing is Caring!

9EDGE’s Managing Partners Jack Pinto and Dale Kaplan with Los Angeles Rams Football player Tanzel Smart! We are proud to announce, for the second year in a row, our annual Visionary Sponsorship with Club 21 to benefit individuals with Down syndrome. Club 21 - Learning and Resource Center’s Board of Directors held [...]


High Level Integration Areas for Oracle Sales Cloud and JD Edwards

JDE customers are replacing JDE CRM with SaaS solutions but retaining the JDE back office. Using this integration, customers can perform front office opportunity management activities in Oracle Sales, while still leveraging JDE for quoting, pricing, and order management tasks. 9EDGE can help you with that. Objects Commonly Mapped Between JDE and OSC:JD Edwards                           Oracle Sales [...]


Oracle Engagement Cloud Migration Assessment Activities

When migrating from one CRM system to Oracle Engagement Cloud, you need to consider the potential impact of what you plan to do and assess the required areas of activities to ensure the success of the migration. 9EDGE can help you with that!   Sales Process Migration Assessment Activity Areas: Campaign Management Engagement Channels Lead [...]


Oracle Sales and Engagement Cloud Extensibility Best Practices

When extending Oracle Sales and Engagement Cloud functionality, you need to consider the potential impact of what you plan to do. 9EDGE can help you with that. Following Oracle’s Best Practices allow you to: Enhance Performance Reduce Configuration Expedite Troubleshooting Make Easier Upgrade Decisions Points to Consider Before Implementation: Custom Objects Sales Container Common [...]


Sales Cloud Geographies Supported Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB)

Utilize the OOTB geography and address data which is native to Oracle Sales Cloud for the countries listed below. Having the addresses for these 62 countries included with every version of Oracle Sales Cloud can assist any new deployment in getting off the ground immediately. When creating new Account or Contacts, the preloaded addresses [...]


Sales Cloud Languages Supported Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB)

Supported languages are critical in a global economy. Having a system that has native support for multiple languages can give your business a competitive advantage when doing business globally and hiring global workers. Checkout this list of natively support languages in Oracle Sales Cloud. American English Arabic Brazilian Portuguese Canadian French Croatian Czech Danish [...]


Key Sales Cloud Implementation Considerations

The CX implementation project involve key phases. Pre-Launch This involves collecting documents from the customer and providing the customer with existing Sale Cloud process flows and implementation documents. Project Design This involves bringing together the collected customer materials and data and applying them to a project structure and Implementation workbooks. Configure This involves applying those [...]


New Products & Solutions

We are working on exciting new solutions to fulfill key whitespaces in the Oracle ecosystem.

Please write to us at info@9EDGE.co if you want to participate in ideation sessions with our Product Development team and/or if you have any co-development opportunities for us.

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